Aging Galvanized Metal

Aging Galvanized Steel

Super simple concept for developing a rustic appearance by aging galvanized metallic containers. Don’t allow shiny, cheap surface finish of new steel containers cease you from purchasing these affordable pieces. It is possible to transform them into farmhouse searching decor with this simple DIY.

Shiny metal is transformed in to rustic beauties

Oh just what a difference a day can make.

You will require:

  • Lysol Toilet pan cleaner
  • metallic containers
  • durable trash handbag
  • gloves
  • protection googles

aging galvanized with Lysol toilet bowl cleaner

View this quick movie for step-by-step instructions to generate these aged galvanized steel containers:

Rustic farmhouse galvanized metal pitcher

Is it possible to believe these shiny inexpensive metal containers are actually flawlessly imperfect rustic beauties?

Farmhouse rustic floral container DIY

You will find these buckets at Ikea, Dollar Tree, Dollar Shop & most any big container store.

Aged galvanized containers with Lysol toilet bowl cleaner

Metal buckets looks so rustic and perfect for the farmhouse look

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