HOW EXACTLY TO Spray Paint Dining Chairs

How exactly to Spray Paint Eating Chairs

in the event that you will take away the cushions, I assume I’ll color the chairs nowadays.

I could’t think how spray painting the eating seats changed the area!

Dining Chairs DIY-How to spray paint!

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So when I completed the chair, I had to color the china hutch. You understand how it is, a very important factor results in another!

I utilized the HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Great Finish Sprayer , I’ve used it many times and the outcomes were great and quick. Exactly like with anything there exists a learning curve. Just what exactly if you create a mistake when you initially begin, it’s water structured paint, it is possible to wipe it off. Believe me, that can be done it!

Because of this task I utilized Maison Blanche Classic Furniture color and the colour is Cobblestone.

I could color and wet sand 6 chairs within an afternoon, tiring, but achievable 

Stick to the directions to place your sprayer together, simple and incredibly few parts! Be secure, make use of gloves, mask and attention protection. Wear your color clothes! Clean your seats with a degreaser or drinking water and vinegar blend and get began.

This is exactly what I did so for my task:

1. Place 1/4 cup clear water in paint glass.

2. Fill up with color to the 800 ml. line, stir properly. I used a fresh can of paint. EASILY were utilizing a pre-opened can, I’d strain the color, to make sure there have been no clumps or trash inside it. I confusing the max amount, in the end I was painting 6 chairs. For small amounts follow the thinning instructions incorporated with the sprayer or simply experiment with it, like I did so.

3. Utilize the sprayer to color the bottoms very first and flip the chairs to paint the others. Chalky based paints dried out fast, by enough time I painted all 6 chair, the initial one was dried out and I simply started over.

4. Inspect the seats to ensure you didn’t miss any areas, spray them in the event that you do. And if you’re like me and discover that you missed several spots once you’ve cleaned up, just work with a color brush.

5. Wet Sand (movie below)

6. Following the chair have got dried, wax with Maison Blanche Lime Wax or top-coat of one’s choice.

Ideas: As the paint dries fast, I finished the task the same day. In the event that you’re likely to cease painting for half an hour or more, I’d wash the sprayer totally and start over once you’re ready. From time to time the end would get a build-up of paint onto it, I would simply scrap that off with my fingernail.

This sprayer is simple to use and an easy task to clean.

Dining Chairs HomeRight Finish Max

Dining Chairs Spray Painting Dining Chairs

Chairs prearranged on a tarp and prepared to become refreshed.

Dining Chairs painted

Dining Chairs Liming Wax

Dining Chairs #painted #waxed

Dining Chairs #painted #waxed

Dining Chair #painted #waxed

Dining Chairs #painted #waxed

Dining Chairs DIY-How to spray paint!

I’ll end up being back again with another post concerning the china hutch and another video clip concerning the Maison Blanche Lime Wax!

And when that’s insufficient, I’m changing the material on the chairs.

Hopefully I’ll get that completed this season

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