Review Presto Electric powered Skillet from Walmart

Review: Presto Electric powered Skillet from Walmart

Directly after we set up IPC’s inexpensive RTA cupboards and Kichler’s under cabinet lighting within our first flooring remodel, we understood there will be a “brief” delay between your departure of our conventional range and the brand new cooktop/wall stove we’d end up being installing in the brand new design. As with everything DIY, that delay is currently longer than prepared — about 2 months now, in fact. We are waiting around on the arrival of a back-ordered wine chiller for the guts island and good enough paychecks to get the extravagant cooktop and wall cooker for the cupboards.

For the time being, we’ve already been making do having an inexpensive Presto electrical skillet from Walmart (not to mention, our microwave… and eating dinner out once in a while). It’s nearly exactly like having a cooktop (it is possible to’t make use of pans at first glance), nonetheless it suffices for bacon and eggs, pancakes, hash browns and much more.

Actually, living without a kitchen area is manageable, which skillet does make items easier. In the event that you’re thinking of a cooking area remodel, this electrical skillet will help you get through, as well.

Presto Electric powered Skillet Review

Highs: Lightweight; runs on a typical 15-amp circuit; plastic-surround that remains great to touch while operating; 400 degree max temperature; non-stick surface; not too difficult clean-up (+ dishwasher secure); grease catcher tray; inexpensive cost.

Lows: No protection auto-off timer; not flawlessly even heating system; another appliance to shop.

Verdict: Perfect remedy for the kitchen-in-progress at a cost that won’t even sign up on your own remodeling budget.


Performance Review

General, the Presto skillet is really a cinch to utilize. It has simply two elements, the skillet itself and a power thermostat and power that allows for choosing discrete temperature ranges between “hot” and 400 degrees F.

Food preparation: We measured the skillet’s temperature precision making use of our Ryobi infrared thermometer. At a placing of 350, the skillet read within the selection of 330 to 370 based on where precisely we pointed the thermometer. This is with food cooking at the top, and noticeably, in the event that you pointed the thermometer at essential oil at first glance, it read near specifically 350. Heat-up period is sensible for a 120v power on a 15 amp circuit. It requires about 4 mins for the surface to attain 350. We do blow the breaker several times whenever we ran the microwave and the skillet on a single circuit unintentionally – something to be cautious of later on.

Cleanup: Cleanup is easy. Soap and drinking water do just fine in a sink, or it is possible to toss it in the dishwasher. In any event you should disconnect the energy supply. The non-stick surface area comes clean quickly, and even the plastic material surround cleans up quickly.