Vintage Milk Glass Succulents

Vintage Milk Cup Succulents

In the event that you collect meals like I do, you then’re half method there, to developing a beautiful centerpiece. I’m attracted to white dishes so when I see sweet and various milk glass, I grabbed it. It sits about in the china cabinet never ever seeing the lighting of time.

After my final succulent task, I had several left over. Those in no way used milk glass parts want so happy at this time!

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You will require:

  • Succulents
  • Properly draining succulent soil
  • Pebbles

Range the bottom of one’s container with pebbles for drainage. Location succulents in the containers and back again fill up with soil.

Succulent treatment:

Usually do not overwater! They perform like drinking water but don’t like their roots to sit down in drinking water, water once weekly or two. Provide them with bright indirect sunlight 4-5 hours each day.

Presently my succulent collection is usually outside on the protected porch, they’re loving the indirect sunshine. On average, I have already been watering them every week. I am certain to allow them dry out before every watering.

You can view my vertical backyard, on the walls in this photograph:

Succulents on the patio table make a great centerpiece

Close up look at of the vertical backyard, it took just a little much longer than 10 minutes to create: