Evaluation Clearstream 4 Ultra Long Range HDTV Antenna

Review: Clearstream 4 Ultra Long Range High definition tv Antenna

I had been thinking about writing this evaluation when Fred discovered a pertinent content on Yahoo Financing entitled

I invested two days researching High definition tv antennas online before making a decision on this one. Because of its reported high quality, it arrives at a great cost (around $100 with free of charge shipping on Amazon during this composing) and is easy to put together and install. Right here’s the professionals and cons once we’ve encountered them with this particular antenna.

  • Strong Popularity – This evaluation is among hundreds online because of this particular antenna. Sufficient reason for all the testimonials, the web feedback is overwhelmingly optimistic.
  • Reception Variety – around 65 miles (nearly all antennas with this particular range cost a lot more). Designed for write-up-2009 UHF DTV frequencies.
  • Simple Assembly & Set up – the guidelines, complete with step-by-step images are an easy task to follow. It requires less that five minutes to construct. Mounting it in the attic and working the cable right down to us room took just a little much longer (about one hour) but was an extremely straightforward process.
  • Accessibility – All the retailers I checked got Clearstream 4 Antennas in-share. We received ours within a week.
  • Light-pounds, Reasonably Sized – Suit through our attic entry easily and weighed a little over 5 pounds assembled.


  • Mounting Mast Not really Included/Specified – Where you’re likely to mount it impacts the thing you need. But wherever it will go, it’s have to a mast. I came across that masts aren’t easily available at every equipment store (therefore we used an extended PVC pipe, ourselves). I’d have appreciated a suggestion included in the directions that was included with the antenna.
  • Performs better having an amplifier (not really included) – We’ve opted to spread the amp. We obtain 15 stations without it during the night, and that’s good enough for all of us. But we would have the ability to watch double that when we invested in an electronic amplifier/signal booster (to avoid signal break down of the stations the antenna can grab but which reduce in and from our TV).
  • Variations in Performance Predicated on Weather – Our personal knowledge is that people get most channels regularly through the evening, but throughout the day, when the sun has gone out, weaker indicators have difficulty, or go “in and out.” It’s tough to learn whether another antenna would perform much better in our atmosphere, or if the optional amplifier would repair the problem.


We’re pretty pleased with the Clearstream. We’d end up being REALLY joyful if it obtained all the channels, constantly. The house sits as near as 15 kilometers to certain signals you want to obtain, and as a long way away as 45 from many others. The close stations always can be found in consistently. At 45 miles, the channels can be found in better during the night.

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