Repurposed Farmhouse Tote

Repurposed Farmhouse Tote

It really is so hard to avoid any Goodwill or thrift store item that’s manufactured from real wood. I walk round the store with it in my own cart, my heart pounding and my mind racing…so what can I do with this particular. You too, I understand!

Welcome to your monthly Thrift Store Decor Day, thanks for joining us. You can find so many ideas for affordable interior decor, please check out all of the awesome projects by the end of the post!

I have already been itching to paint something green not merely is Greenery the colour of the entire year, it’s a color that I really like! I painted this dresser green and added a chandelier to the one: green dresser!

Repurposed wood farmhouse tote

How lucky was I to get this easy, peasy tote to repurpose?

Repurposed idea: Wood tote makeover

Directions because of this repurposed farmhouse tote:

  1. Work with a phillips head screw driver to eliminate the handle, save the screws to reuse.
  2. Mark a cut line with a pencil, repeat for both sides.
  3. Work with a saw to slice the heart shape off. I used the table saw, you should use a jig saw or circular saw – make sure to clamp it down so that it doesn’t move. Always wear eye protection!
  4. Spray paint with Krylon Chalky Paint (my color- New Leaf).
  5. Reattach handle.
  6. Fill with magazines, towels, plants and much more.

Krylon chalky spray paint loving the farmhouse green

Farmhouse tote in leaf green spray chalky paint

The Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint is really a quick solution to achieve a chalk paint finish. For a wooden item with slates, it creates the transformation effortless. I spray painted the tote following directions on the can, allow it dry and sanded with my orbital sander to distress it just a little.

THE BRAND NEW Leaf color reminds me of John Deere green! How’s that for a farmhouse look?

Green farmhouse tote made from a repurposed thrifty find great for magazines

There’s a lot of room for many magazines, I didn’t desire to show you just how many magazines I must say i have 

Farmhouse tote made from goodwill dated tote

This tote can make a journey all over the house, ideal for the guest room too! Fill it with towels and toiletries.

How to repurpose a wood tote for towels

I am hoping you’ll look at those wooden heart furniture pieces differently now!

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